How can a professed Christian ever be charged of hypocrisy and double standards?

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    Many people profess to being a Christian when they are not.
    As 'freedom fighter' said many people profess to being a Christian when they are not - many base their definition of being a Christian as someone who believes in God and goes to church, where as it's actually about giving your life to Jesus allowing Him to be Lord and being in a 2 way relationship with Him.
    The other common mis-conception is that Christians think they are perfect and cannot possibly do anything wrong. The answer to the original question is that a Christian sins just like anyone else sins. If it was possible to live without sinning then Jesus' death and resurrection would have been rather pointless!!. The difference with the Christian who sins is that a) by the conviction of God they will feel remorse and repent, and b) by trusting in and having given their life to Jesus they have forgiveness.

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