My 3 yr old dog runs away from big dogs at the dog park and as a result the big dogs chase her

    I have a 9lbs dog that is very affraid of big dogs off leash, I do not go to dog parks but do go onto the golf course near my house (on the off season) and occasionally we come accross a big dog and all they seem to want to do is chase her. The big dog owner never seems to be able to recall his dog. She used to run home (which was very dangerous) so I ahve taught her to come to me and I pick her up. One of the big dog owners say I should never do that, Why????

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    the dog didnt go with dogs around him when he was young and the onley way to heal it is ask ur naiiborghs if they have dogs let ur dog play with them and the dog they run away from take your dog just take ur dog to it and then u will find out the problame and why hope this helps

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