Public Guardian of Humboldt County, California

    Who is the Public Guardian of Humboldt County, California?

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    I think it's an office rather than a person. If it is a person, you can call the number listed and ask who it is.

    Katherine Young, MSW, Branch Director
    Donna Wheeler, LCSW, Deputy Branch Director
    Jeri Scardina, MSW, Deputy Branch Director

    808 E Street - Front Community Wellness Center Spanish Front Door Rainbow over Eureka

    Humboldt County Public Guardian Office
    825 5th Street
    Eureka, CA 95501
    Phone: 707 445-7343
    Hours: 8:30am-Noon/1-4pm

    The Public Guardian Office serves as Conservator for persons with various types of impairments.

    The office also acts as the Representative Payee for persons deemed by the Social Security Administration to require having an agency act as the Payee to provide money management services.

    Conservatorship services require being appointed in Superior Court to act as the Conservator of Person and Estate. There are two types of Conservatorships, Probate and Mental Health Lanterman-Ptetris-Short {LPS}.

    The LPS Conservatorship allows this office to manage the psychiatric care and treatment of a person with substantial mental health needs. The Probate Conservatorship allows for medical oriented care and treatment for persons unable to make informed medical decisions.



    Found something else on it...a name....

    Ramon Herrera, Public Guardian at Humboldt County, Eureka, CA

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