I Am Constructing My Will and Funeral Arrangements...

    What song do you want played at your funeral?

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    this is a no brainer "AMAZING GRACE" the most beautifull song ever

    no regrets by Edith Piaff  a strong and stirring song, then at the end, Tusk by fleetwood mac, just cause I like it


    Great choice. Did Piaff sing an English version
    (No regrets)of her French original, rien de rien?

    Well, Tusk would get your mourners to their feet. They;d start marching round and round!
    I do not want any God stuff. As a opener I want John Williamson "Hey True Blue" ( for those not familiar John W is Aussie Country and Western singer/song writer and Hey True Blue is a real Australian flavoured song includes the lines Don`t say you have gone, But you have knocked off for a smoko {a rest}, And you`ll be back later on. True blue in Australian parlance means dinky di,(pronounced dinky die) fair dinkum, you beaut Aussie which I am proud to be. Another is Slim Dustys` "Looking Forward Looking Back" this again Aussie flavoured. For the Finale I want Frank Sinatra "I Did it My Way" I will be cremated and my ashes spread on the beach near where I live. The beach I take my best mate, my dog for her walk, and I want my dog at my service.
    Now wait a minute (#1) do you plan on dying, I hope, I don't (#2) YOUR arrangements, WHY our music?
    Also It is well with my soul
    Black man baza singing Swing low sweet chariot

    "Going Home".  (Theme song of Dvojak's New World Symphony)

    Fields of Gold...Sting did a version of this song that was pretty good...others have sung it and I don't know who the original artist was but the words are beautiful

    I would choose Lynrd Skynyrd's song- "All I Can Do is Write About it"

    Not sure of the song's name but some of the lyrics......Jose Quervo..are you a friend of mine,

    did Idance on the tables?  Did I start any fights?


    Or:  Johnny Cash - Angle Flying Too Close to the Ground

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