What is the best wax for brows?

    THe salon has raised its prices again... I need a good at home wax.

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    I used to thread in New England.. But i dont know anyone who even knows what it is here in Small town GA.
    I never heard of "threading" .. what is it ?
    BTW , how have u been jenn?

    I am gr8.. Miss you Banks! Threading is where the tech will take thread and twist it togather.. They roll across your udesirable hair and it pulls it out. Must faster and effective than tweezing.

    Glad to here that you are doing great !. I found a video many years ago of woman getting a brazilian wax, the faces and screams are so funny. Looks like it really hurts
    Not exactly an answer to your question but have you tried "threading"? It is quite popular now & works well. It lasts as long as waxing although it is not pain free either. Costs about $8-$15 depending on what state you live in & whether or not you get it done at a salon or inside a mall kiosk.

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