how come I don't get the thumb up or down after my question? is it because I'm Australian!

    I'v only just joined you lot of loony but very nice people but it would be good to know the rules.

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    I have answered 273 questions and also do not have the "up" votes to replect the involvment. It means I am re-thinking how I participate.

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    Yes we do like Califorkians, I have a friend who eats one EVERY day
    You will not see a thumbs up or down on your own question. Only other members will see the thumbs on your question.
    Bloody Australians! Go queenslander
    g'day everyone,bullet man, i,ve just long on,what is a Califorkians this crazy aussie referring to,he wants to know the rules,you just ask a question or do an answer truefully and honestly as you can! don,t worry about the thumbs,i only started on the site last week and i got -45 the first night, please don't stir up our american cousins they already know the rest of the world blames them for just about every thing,i know i do[only joking] remember to have fun. it's time to have fun, fun, fun. your fellow AUSSIE BULLETMAN
    Good question, I give you a thumbs up.. I get down votes all the time but that's because I have a big mouth and I'm Italian living in California. Goes withe the turf! :)

    I wanted to visit Australia but changed my mind when i found out ya'll have spiders down there as big as a goat.. and they don't like us Califorkians..

    Dont let the spiders put you off,its more the snakes.
    No rules just opinions. Some ppl do actually know what they are talking about. I gave you a T.U. Because you sounded like you needed some encouragement...

    Hey doublehelix, what happened to the capital "A" for this great land of ours. Shame on you. To the question, I have the same thoughts about thumbs up. I know you can only give or get thumbs up on a actual question that is you can`t on comments. Sometimes I think the "Looneys" are a bit lazy, or perhaps the question, in their opinion is not worth thumbs up. Welcome to the looney Bin, I am from the Sunshine State, born N.S.W. but saw the error of my ways in 1964.

    it was an intentional mistake :)
    I was in Sydney when I was 16 in 1971.
    Was walking along KINGS CROSS and was fascinated by all the hookers in HOT PANTS.

    My thumb wasn't the only thing going UP.
    'loony but very nice' , i'm wondering how to take that in :S
    i'm from australia as well :)
    Good comment tommyh cm
    ome on the EAGLES
    Why would you think that??!! I WANT TO BE AUSTRALIAN!!!! trust me

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