Why do you let talking heads run on and on trying to convince the public they have somethning important to say when it dcan be said with a tape across the bottome reading OSAMA IS DEAD!@

    Appears this was a deliberate action re The presidents comments earlier.

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    What are you going on about? Do you live in the USA? Do you know what a major event this is and why? Of course the killing of Osama was a deliberate action. We've been trying to to do just that for over 8 years now.
    OSAMA-- OBAMA-- OMG, did they get the wrong one?? ACK!! Nah, I saw obama on TV, he said Osama, I know he did.. whew, that was close..
    LMAO>>>>>>> Bahahaha The Killing of Obama... Now that will be the day!

    hahahaha, typo ( Freudian slip?)...oops...correcting it ;)
    Like Zorro said, this cave crapping lunatic is dead, he killed over 3,000 innocent in one action he planned. The twin towers in N.Y. Wake up man, this is serious news.
    It doens't make me feel any more confident in our President. My husband is a republican as well but "gives him credit for this" but I am not swayed, how does everyone feel?

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