how can i earn money as a kid?

    My moms birthday is coming up and i need money to buy her something! Please share your thoughts!! By the way i'm nine

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    You seem like a very grown up 9 years old, good for you!

    why do you need to buy her something?? Why don't you just make a really nice birthday card on your computer, go pick some nice flowers and say 'happy Birthday mom, I love you! then hand her the card you made and the flowers you picked.. believe me, she will love this much more than anything you can go buy her..

    9 years olds don't need jobs.. Try just being a kid.. You can only be a kid once..

    (Wow, what a smart 9 year old!!)

    BTW: Did you know that a 'kid' is a goat?? LOL
    take out garbage -- .25
    vacuum livingroom -- 50
    dust livingroom .40
    sweep pation .50
    keep your room nice every day 25
    clean bathroom sink every day .15
    drive to the store and pick up milk and cookies ... 1.00 (how old are you? : ) )
    these are just some ideas. come back and tell us what you did. we don't know your age.
    I think vinny has the best answer,make a card,pick some flowers,be a kid.If all else fails go ask grandpa,we are easy pickings.
    do some simple jobs for neighbors (cleaning, gardening etc)
    You could do a paper-run. Do odd jobs for your neighbours.
    Walk the neighbors dogs

    or wash some cars in the neighborhood.

    Just make sure you do a great job or they will never use your services again.

    i think the nicest presents i got from my kids was the ones they made themselves. some have survived the years. my youngest is 23

    When I was a kid I had a paper route, cut grass, wprked for my neighbors doing yard work and odd jobs.

    Thanks for answering!
    Just be kind and polite to your elderly nabours, offer youre help when they need it and smile, you will be suprised how rewarding this will be for you.
    do yard work around your neighborhood

    You beat me to it, lol
    If you're old enough, I bet you have some neighbors who could use some help with outdoor spring cleaning. See if any of your neighbors have lawns that could be raked.

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