do you think nuclear power is the answer for us in the U.S?

    i think it is the right way ... want to see what you people say.

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    I think it's the way as long as they use the now discovered safe way of splitting the atom. It's not really new, it just hasn't been implemented into the old reactors. Not sure if it's feasible to do so.
    right now i do, but it would take 25 years to get one approved another twenty five years to build it. and all eterenity to shut it off
    Yes I do, but built right in the right spot.
    i want to give all of you a thumb up. it seems like nuclear is the ONLY way. randy i used to have a nuclear plant almost in my back yard ~ diablo. (that wasn't cool)
    i have a nuclear physicist brother ~ i haven't talked to him for awhile. he's been BUSY. (i don't know about atom splitting ~ what i don't know could fill the sky) my son works in a plant in the U.S. do i worry .... a little.
    yes a 1000 times yes
    Yes I do, we have had some issues but it has not really been as bad as the envirementalist will lead you to think, It is so much safer than it was years ago, look at all the nuclear subs we have and ther trouble free.
    I agree, even though the industry has had some bad press lately because of the Japan incident, the regulations in the U.S. are more stringent.

    We need to use something we have the existing technology for now, not some flowery dream technology that doesn't exist yet. We have to be practical, and nuclear power is what we have for now.

    We also desperately need more oil refinery's in the U.S. right now.

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