take a history test to become a u..s citizen

    i saw a program on the tv where applicants were given a 100 questions on us history as part of getting us citizenship. seems unethical to me, how about you ?

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    My wife took the test last May. They are asked 10 of the 100 questions, and have to get at least 7 correct. Some of the questions are easy while some could easily be missed by many citizens. They also have to demonstrate ability to write and speak the English language (with a few exceptions for older,long time resident aliens).

    BTW ... The questions are on Homeland Security's web site.Give it to your kids to see how they do.
    I wish they would make it mandatory before you could vote in this country.. Not 100, more like 20, involving history and current events, not an opinion questionnaire- Make it multiple choice answers.

    This would keep the loons away from the voting booth. If you don't know enough about your countries history and current events, you have no business voting in a serious election that is going to affect my life.

    Agreed 100%
    @ daren, I bet if we did, more parents would take an interest in their children's education and take away their cellphone, ipods, computers, touch pads, TV, stereo's and whatever else kids have that they don't need and get them doing homework nightly instead of goofing off.
    so what do we do, deport the kids that cant pass a histoy test to some third world country.
    I don't know, probably the average US citizen can't answer them.
    I am an immigrant and took the test when I became a US citizen. It was a joke. The guy asked me a few questions and the rest we talked about other things. But I understand the procedure. In fact, many people fail the test because of their English language skills.
    No they cant, I have seen those 100 questions and most of my co workers couldnt answer them and they expect some foreign immigrant to know the answer, I dont think its ethical.

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