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    I just joined the American Legion tonight Does anyone else belong? Or a similar organization

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    Yes I do sorry


    Do U mean the service organizations?

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    leeroy I gave you a TD... I did not join to drink but to help pay respect and give a proper military funeral to the fallen veterans that have been forgotten.. Both my mom and dad served in WW2 so I was born and raised with a different mentality then most in my generation. I salute the flag and I do shed a tear when I hear Taps beings played. Maybe you can laugh and make jokes at this but for what these men and woman in the service go through I don't. Yes we drink beer but we also do an awful for the surrounding community as far as fund razing and donations . I don't know what your dad belonged to but I really hope they did a little more than drink and eat......

    Sorry Leeroy don't think I ever gave you a TD, but a bad long day and reading that kinda pissed me off. I don't think our goverment is going to help the vets to much longer so somebody has to step in and try to help, even if its just to pay respect and say thanks.
    my two best friends (twins) both are members (first gulf war) i salute any and all veterans
    Tried but couldn't get into the service because of a medical deferment. I've been to way too many funerals to not salute those who have served and made the supreme sacrifice for me and my Country. The legion does many good things in our community. Seems they just keep giving and giving.
    Nope, my dad has for years, he likes to drink a lot though, I don't know what else there is to do but drink in these clubs? I'm sure they have other activities like eating... lol

    Notice the lol, I'm sure there are other things to do there...
    ole hipster

    LMAO a lot...great minds think alike!

    Hipster, you do have a great mind!!

    Yes, to the VFW.

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