Does anyone here have a Garden

    Does anyone here have a garden or try to grow there own food? And what do you plant. I just tried something new for me I put 42 potato plants in our small green house. We had a bag going to seed so I though I would try to plant them in pots and put them in the greenhouse for a few weeks then in the garden But I'm not sure if this will work with potatos.

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    Thanks Garden is bout half in right now, we've been slammed by rain for better that a month. Spuds are doing fine monkey11.

    Texas is in a drought big time, we had something like 89 days of 100+ degrees. Everything is burning up, I water my elephant ears like crazy yet they are slowly frying away. Last year we had a garden and did we have the cucumbers?.I learned to fry them and dang if they don't taste like fried squash. But it rained last year. You poor guys with too much water, I wish we could do some trading...

    I used to have a hydroponic garden in a hidden place, but that was many years ago, I really did get a green thumb out of the experience though.. I also killed a few brain cells, but that's a long story.

    Gardening is fun and it's constructive, I really liked raising those plants they grew like weeds, lol. But seriously I really do come to like the hobby, it's relaxing. Thumbs up on the question.

    I wish I knew you then...

    He, he... lol.
    I'm surprised you haven't had more viewers bt now! Now is the season!! At least where I am it is! Good luck with those spuds!

    I enjoy growing my own food , it cuts down on the food budget ,it is the freshest you will ever get, ..... from one small chamomile plant I harveasted enough tea for 8 months...I froze what I could and enjoyed veggies, months later, I shared with my community,I have an apprecitation for many types of gardening,Bonsais to Beets.Try something new every year and improve on the bones of your garden every year , best wishes.

    Yes JDB, I have a garden every year. Sounds great, You'll get alot of potatos, When the weather gets better transplant them into the ground or put about 5 each in garbage cans (in the bottom foot or so) that drain well then keep filling it with more dirt as they grow (leaving about the top 5 stems of leaves), by summers end you just tip a can full of potatos out instead of having to dig them. Use manure (make sure it's not hot) not store bought fertilizer but if you have a green house I'm sure your trying probably tring to get away from all the poisons. Potatos like water. Good Luck

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