compressed air car??

    Has anyone heard of a new car that runs on compressed air? A friend of mine told me about it, said it would go 300 to 400 before a refill.

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    I only took a few minutes looking at it, but anything has to be better than paying four dollars a gallon. Here are the search results if anyone would like to check them out...

    HowStuffWorks "How the Air Car Works"
    The air car has finally moved from dream to reality. Learn how the air car uses compressed air for low-to-zero emissisons power. - Cached
    Zero Pollution compressed Air Car set for U.S. launch in 2010
    Twice as clean as a Prius, and capable of 90mph or 1000 miles to a tank, the Air Car, featuring an ingenious compressed-air motor, is coming to th... - Cached

    Thanks Randy...
    You still need to compress the air with something. What, electric motors uses generated power or gasoline compressor uses gasoline.

    This idea would end some pollution on the roads.
    Yes I have been tracking the process of this aircar and so far I know they have not been approved by Transportation safety people. I would love to have one but unfortantly I cant here in US because of those BIG oil companies who is blocking everything exept oil runnung cars!!!
    Compressed air is what runs every engine. 15 parts air to 1 part fuel. This mixture is compressed and ignited and an explosion occurs in the combustion chamber and forces the piston downward creating an action which causes the engine to turn.

    this is done without fuel
    I read an article about this recently. The problem is that the size of the compressed air tank means that the car has a very limited range. Using a home compressor could take over 4 hours to charge the tank. Lithium batteries are a better way to store energy.Check out Zero Motorcycles, this has a range of 50 miles and a topspeed of 67mph.
    The questioner means a car which runs on compressed air only. This was exhibited in France a few years ago, but so far as I know has never been commercialised. Best to look on the net to see more details.

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