Women's hats at the royal wedding

    What is the word that refers to wearing hats at weddings?

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    net-weddings - Ask the Aunties about...Etiquette
    Can you please tell at the wedding reception when is the correct time for ladies should remove their hats. Do they have to wait fot ... - Cached
    BBC News - Royal wedding etiquette: What to wear
    Top hats should be removed for official photographs. Gloves matching the waistcoat should be carried. Debretts Guide to Wedding Etiquette advises against a backless ... - Cached
    Wedding Hat Etiquette For Guests (
    Etiquette Hat History. Ladies, unsure as to when you should remove your hats at a wedding? The accepted rule is that you don't take them off until the Mother of the Bride ... - Cached
    Etiquette of wearing hats at weddings | Dan Johnson ...
    Etiquette of wearing a hat at an English wedding ... Today’s burning question is – when do you take your hat off at a wedding, or to be more precise, when do ladies take ... - Cached
    Hats off at a Wedding? — Etiquette Guide
    Hats can complete an outfit, but, is it proper to wear them to a wedding? Grooms can wear top hats, but, can brides wear hats? Find out here! - Cached
    Hat Etiquette
    Good question thumbs up, man there were some crazy cartoonish hats, I don't know what some of those women were thinking? Some were elegant as well, but shew, there were some wacky Alice in Wonderland hats too.

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