when there is a broken relationship when is there more pain with gays or straights?

    i think it's with gays because that's frequently a hiddem relationship?

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    i'm wishing i had said lesbians .... : )
    If my understanding is correct, you are asking if straight people suffer more pain in a relationship breakup than gays do? I'm a lesbian and I can tell you, my heart loves just as deeply and truly as a heterosexual person's does. Our bodies are the same, it's only our sexuality that is different. Yes, a break up in a gay relationship can be just as devastating and just as painful as the break up in a straight relationship is if there is true emotional love in the relationship. I fall in love just as hard and just as meaningfully as heteros do. The same goes for all my gay friends. As for the last part, I have to say I agree in a sense as some gays can't be open about their sexuality so they have to suffer the pain in silence so this could lead to the pain of a breakup being more painful than it needs to be.

    And what I gave is just an answer.

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