Should People be Entitled to Their Opinions?

    Should people be openly entitled to their opinions? Why or why not?

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    You guys really turn out to answer your questions; and for that, I am very pleased to have each of you respond. Your answers are greater than Yahoo Answers. I am greatful to have found some very complete answers. We may not all agree, but it is most entertaining. I find the dialog, here, most open.

    I have another question that I have polled yahoo answers for and, well, the answers were few and were less fulfilling. i'll ask it here, tell me what you think.


    of course, if I think its correct

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    Absolutely, people are entitled to their own opinions and they have the right to express them whenever they feel necessary. As I've said numerous times, expressing your own opinion and listening to the opinions of others is essential in the learning process. Nobody agrees 100% with anyone else so fighting over a subject is a lost cause. A conversation based on different opinions is a perfect time to enhance your listening and communication skills.

    yes of course people are entitled to their opinions - important though that people do not assume the wrong thing from the opinion which has happened to me here.
    what kind of dumb question is this, "just my opinion" (just kidding as well).yes certainly every one is entitled to an opinion. its called freewill. certainly we all for the most part many differant opinions on various issues. it's a god given freedom. the ability the express it freely can be an issue.perhaps some opinions are best kept quiet...
    We all come from different backgrounds and we bring to the table what we learned from our families and thruout life. So our beliefs are ours as we know them. Yes we are all entitelt to our opinions.That makes us who we are.
    Sure but sometimes it is best to keep one's mouth shut and let one think one is a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.....
    Opinions are like bellybuttons, everyone has one.

    Belly buttons?? You cleaned that one up a bit.LOL

    Sure, as long as they are respectful of other people and also don't try stuffing that opinion down someone's throat!

    YES, that's protected under free speech.
    I agree 100% Coach, er maybe

    Thanks Randy. I can live with our 2% difference. lol

    Yes opinions matter

    The truth of the matter is many people just plain suck. Small minds. closed minds, It's apparent here. I enjoy this sight and the diversity, but there are some screwy people here.

    I'm with you ed...but I get entertained by some of their wacky (in my opinion of course) answers.

    ............and that is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. The fact that I tend to agree just makes it more valuable!
    every person is entitled to express there opinion so long as it does not infringe on the thoughts and beliefs of others which could lead to conflict. If it would it is better for us all if they kept there opinions to them selves

    Of course, everyone has their own opinion about most things, and should be entitled to air them, that's what keeps the world going round surely.

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