can a easement road be taken away by a developer even though it is my only way to my property?

    I have had a easement road to my property threw another property that fronts me for over 30 years. A developer has bought the land in front of me and wants to get rid of the easement road. Is there any way by law that this can be done?

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    By law he can not close it unless another town approved access way is opened. Emergency vehicles need to get to the house.

    Thanks Colleen very informative takes a load off my mine
    sounds crazy...freedomfighter seems to know what to do ...I think the only way he could close it is if it was closed before he bought the property but being it is in use I highly doubt it.

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    Depends on if the easement was legally documented in the first place. If so, then it is grandfathered in and the developer is not allowed to put you in a land-locked position. He may get a variance to close the road, but he still has to provide you with access to your property. Make sure you attend the civic meetings discussing this, with your documentation.

    Thanks freedomfighter great information takes a load off my mine

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