how can one tell if something is real gold?

    Should it say 24K on it?
    Should a gold bracelet be heavy?
    Should it always stay shiny?

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    Real gold should have a rating stamped into it. If it does not, it probably isn't real. Fake gold will tarnish (leave a green color on your skin or show dark colors in the gold).

    Other ways to know that I found by Googling


    Look at the "gold" in the sun. Gold should retain its color in the sun as well as the shade. Many metals glitter in the sun, but gold isn't one of them.
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    Stick a sharp needle or pin in the gold. If it fractures or cracks, it isn't gold. Gold is malleable, meaning it can bend and be dented but it doesn't crack easily.
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    Gold is heavy. It will sink to the bottom and stay there. If you are gold panning, a great test is to rock the pan back and forth with some water. Gold should stay at the bottom and not move around much.
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    A sure-fire way to test gold is to wear it on your skin. If your skin turns a greenish color, that isn't gold you are wearing, but more likely another metal with possibly a bit of gold content. A pure gold piece of jewelry will not react with skin.
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    Try running a magnet over the "gold." Precious metals like gold and silver are not magnetic, so if your "gold" is attracted by the magnet, that isn't a good sign. Of course, if it isn't, that doesn't guarantee it is gold. Lots of things are nonmagnetic, like wood.
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    The best way to test gold is to take it into an expert to be tested. Experts have sophisticated acid tests that can determine the exact gold content and value of any gold item.

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