if jesus was born on dec25th what date did he die

    he must of die on an actule date

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    theres nothing in the bible that says he was born on dec.25 nor is there any actual date of his death-pagan mythology! we do know however he was risen on the third day possible the sabbath
    Placement of Herod's death in 1 BC allows us to accept the ancient tradition that Jesus was born in 3 or 2 BC. The four earliest Christian writers who report the date of Jesus' birth are Irenaeus (late second century), Clement of Alexandria (about AD 200), Tertullian (early third century), and Africanus (early third century) (9). Africanus specifies the date in terms that can be understood as 3/2 BC (10). Both Irenaeus and Tertullian assign Jesus' birth to the forty-first year of Augustus. If this date presumes that the reign of Augustus began when he was elevated to consulship in August 43 BC, the year intended is 2 BC. Tertullian conveniently confirms this conclusion by adding that Christ's birth was 28 years after the death of Cleopatra and fifteen years before the death of Augustus. Cleopatra died in August 30 BC, and Augustus died in August AD 14 (11). Konradin Ferrari d'Occhieppo has demonstrated that the date which Clement of Alexandria furnishes for the birth of Jesus is equivalent to 6 January 2 BC (12).
    That's a good question-- The bible gurus will be on this one for sure, I would like to know too!
    Based on astronomical calculations taking into account all factors determining the visibility of a new moon in Jerusalem, two British physicists, Colin J. Humphreys and W. G. Waddington, have shown that in only two of the years framed by AD 29 and AD 36 could the fourteenth of Nisan have fallen on a Friday: in AD 30 and 33. The Gospels leave no doubt that Jesus died in the month Nisan, the first month of the year, which started in March or April. The law of Moses prescribed two festivals during this month.
    Good question!

    There is nothing written in Scripture which indicates an exact date of birth for the Lord Jesus Christ. With that said, the first responders to the Lord actually being found was recorded by astrologers. Astrologers found him first, Scripture clearly gives the astrologers their thumbs up for locating him! Yet, it had taken them approximately 3 years to find him. Therefore, he was already a toddler. The timing of his birth and the place where they resided at the time, presents a problem of survival with lows of 33 degrees and night dews 180 days a year.

    Of his death, the concensus is 3 days. Just as he said: "Destroy this temple and in 3 days, I will raise it"; 30-36 CE. Of a particular date, I do not know certain.

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