Canadian wild fires!

    This is terrible. It sounds like it's turning into a global effort to get these under control with S Africa, Australia, New Zealand, US and more sending support to try and get these wiped out. Ducky, How are you doing during these. 

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    UPDATE: (Aug. 02/23) Smoke has cleared out in a lot of areas but many fires are still burning. Just not enough rain in these areas. Climate change is causing havoc all over North America and elsewhere I'm afraid. :(

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    Thanks for asking JDB. A few days ago, we were getting the smoke from both directions....British Columbia (West) and Nova Scotia (East).  Today, the wind is blowing in the right direction (for my area) and clearing a lot of the smoke away from us. However, we are still under a warning about poor air quality. We are in serious need of rain in most parts of Canada and supposedly it will rain here this weekend. I've never heard of so many fires burning in Canada all at the same time. It's a difficult time for people, especially for those with respiratory issues.


    Usually we don't hear about fires in Canada, but we've been watching for a couple weeks or more now. We even get air quality reports down and warnings to stay inside. Temps here were supposed to be in the upper 80's but are in the mid 70's. We've never seen anything like this here. We've been affected by fires in Colorado and California, but not to this extent. We'll keep you and the rest of Canada in our prayers Ducky. If it's this bad this far away, I wouldn't want to be close to them. We're just very hazy here. But some towns in New York, there showing pictures that there like a bright orange. I did see the Canadian military is getting involved, the US is planning on sending more people and equipment, I'm just hoping that we don't start getting big wildfires down here. Stay safe Ducky.

    The smoke from our fires has drifted right down to the Carolinas. We are in dire need of rain so they can get these fires under control. A doctor stated today that it is not only a problem when you can see and smell the smoke but the small particles in the air, even when you CANNOT see or smell the smoke. Stay safe down there!

    Scary. And y’all have a lot to burn. We’ve been experiencing y’all’s smoke some down here in Texas! Yeah it’s way hot here but my feeling is for those of you so very not used to it. I don’t like 110° but I’m no stranger to it. I’d pray for winter but Mother Nature is funny 

    Hey Quacker,,i just heard on the news today that we have already sent firefighters to Canada..what goes around comes around..Canada sent Firefighters to Aussie a little while back...i hope everybody envolved helps to make a differance Quacker..stay safe and breathe clear..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Thanks Terry. Yes, we need lots of help. I hope it rains soon but there is not much in the weather forecast.

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