Suicide bombing

    Muslim leaders of terrorist groups never volunteer to be suicide bombers?

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    just keep in mind, not all muslims are suicide bombers, when you want to talk about suicide bombings, don't say muslims, say al-qaeda cuz that's who they really are, plus if you research more, you see that al-qaeda is against majority of muslims around the world, seeing how they cause all those suicide bombings around iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, which muslims constitute the majority of.


    How can you tell the difference?

    They should get together with all their followers and BOOM, their all in heaven and leave the rest of us alone.

    Well an FBI agent already blew the whistle and said he knew about bombs being planted in the buildings of the Twin Towers.. don't forget building 7 that was demolished and fell just like the other two despite no plane crashing in to it.. do your own research and see for yourself. Any child with an IQ of 40 can put the puzzle pieces together.. unfortunate that so may people rely on misinformation coming from authority members with a rank.. Having a high rank doesn't mean you have the will power to tell the truth.

    al-qaeda is a U.S. CIA government ops program, designed specifically for perpetuating war
    in the middle-east, no matter what happens with the Taliban. The idea is, if something happens
    that makes it look like they should go home, they have this "Al-Queada" to worry about still and keep them there.

    Almost every time you hear it mentioned, the CIA is also mentioned. It's fake.


    Bull Shit. What credentials do you have that would make anybody believe what you say?

    Ivor, this just goes to show what great martyrs they are.

    No, they have a more important role to play in the eyes of allah...


    Bull Shit. They are yellow bastards who send others to be killed, They expound the virtues of a false god and pin there hopes on a myth.

    So 'anonymous' You are saying that the CIA blew up the twin towers by crashing planes into them??fascinating. And they trained people from AlQuaeda to do it..hmm Then they spent a fortune on trying to catch the bastards??? hmm Never heard such a load of bollocks in all my life

    I said Muslim leaders of terrorist groups not all muslims

    But if it gets you to heaven and all the virgins etc you'd think they'd be queuing up

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