How long should a two foot split log take to burn? I’m really going through the wood and this is only the first day!

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    It depends on the size of the log. Is it 2 inches around or 1 foot around or more? It also depends on the kind of wood. Some burn a lot quicker than others.

    If you are burning pine goes quick and does not generate lasting heat..however any hardwood is good,,takes longer to get going,,last longer when it does get Aussie the best hardwood we have is called Iron Bark...i do not know what sort of hardwood you have over there..maybe Oak.. or Maple.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Watch the air intake also. Keep the damper closed about half. To much air and it will burn quick and most of the heat will go right up the chimney.

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    your on the money JD..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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