It’s abnormally cold here in Texas. Like freezing for 48 hours. Surprise! What weather event has surprised you?

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    The weather event that we're experiencing right now, is quite a surprise! We've hardly had any snow to date and thought that we might even have a green Christmas. THEN, it started to snow yesterday morning (Dec. 23) and now, Saturday night (Dec. 24) it's still snowing. We have received, so far, about 2 feet of snow and it's still coming down!!! Some have used their snow blower three times today to keep their driveways clear. The city crews are working around the clock to keep the roads open. No sign of it stopping yet. Ugh.

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    Thursday night the cold kicked in along with the wind here in Ohio. Friday, Saturday, most of Sunday was around 0°F and wind gust to 60 MPH. Parts of lake Erie dried up near Toledo because the wind was so bad. Blowing the lake water to the east. 

    You guys have been on our news over got lots of snow and ice...something that is kinda different in Aussie..although we are getting a bit of rain in the sunshine coast..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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