How has everybody been? I have been so busy for two years with family and friends. And tutoring kids. Tabbers.

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    Hardly anyone left tabber. I just come here to delete all of the nonsense (mostly ads for ED). I announced months ago, that I was leaving but have never been able to resist coming back to "clean up". It's my nature to keep things neat. lol Hope all is well with you.  Ducky.

    G'day tabber,i check in on Quacker now and again just to see how she is going..couple of others pop in now and is good to see we are not quite dead in the water just yet..all the best and do not be a stranger..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    Yup I pop in every now and then. 

    I pop in on rare occasions. I simply forget and American politics is good for distraction.  I’m having a spinal fusion next month (Jan) and can barely walk now. Turning 65 as been a nightmare. I apologiz to my mom every day now. Hahaha 


    Good luck with your surgery. It sounds awful. :(

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