Virgins and Muslims

    This is a serious quesion I have read all the cross thread about Muslimms and stuff I come from Liverpool. Now where are these virgins supposed to be coming from for every muslim to have 90 of them. Not many knocking around scouseland

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    blessed lady

    this is a lie from satan ...there is no vigins and sex,,,and coctails...

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    Nothing, eternal slavery

    I think it lies with the Mullahs or clergymen they are the power hungry fanatics who want to rule everything look at Iran

    Why is there so much hatred intrest in muslims who abuse women as a right who praise a god who is not there .Why have they brought so much hatred into the world why.with islam fanatics wanting the world to be all islamic WHY WHY WHY,

    Headless Man

    Because of the act's they have preformed.

    They don't specify male or female virgins. can you imagine showing up at the oasis and 72 virgin Mullahs greet them.

    You Sir may have just upset the Muslum world Remember Rusdie

    The term virgins was misinterpreted from their manuscript. It actually means grapes. So, I hope it is worth enternity absent from the Love of God, and enjoy their 72 grapes.

    I believe the actual number is 72



    It sounds like the old Viking/Saxon belief that if you die in battle with a sword in your hand there'll be a place in Valhalla for you where you,wine,women n song in the feasting hall forever more.Except.Their belief was about honour,bravery,loyalty whereas i fail to see whats honourable about blowing up innocent civillians.Also when you so indoctrinated you believe killing unsuspecting innocents is honourable theres little bravery involved.I thought they got 40 virgins well you gotta really sweeten the deal somehow to get these dafties to do it.

    Do you remember as a kid when a lot of things were said to you and you grow up and realize that they were not true but imaginary, that's exactly what they are being told. Muslims are like a bunch of kids listening to stories. Like I have always said,I am not that stupid. If there were anything like that and I were one of them, I would've asked for mine right now and right here on the earth before I die. What good would they be for you after death? And I do believe that the actual number is 77. That's what I think I have heard them saying.

    they never say that they are women just virgins


    well same applies


    well they are gonna be disapointed if they turn out to be blokes

    I think to isolate one aspect of anything discussed is very limiting. Christians refer to the 5,000 year old text of Leviticus to condemn homosexuals. Yet, in the same book, there are demands to stone adulterous women; people who wear more than two types of cloth on their bodies, people who eat bacon, etc. etc. Christians have chosen to keep the homosexual "sin" and not enact the others! Most world religion books have words and sayings that are sensible and other words that seem archaic to the 21st century mind. The problem with Islam is not the religion itself, but some of the social customs of the countries where it is practised. Islam's holy book, (The Koran) offers women the right to divorce their husbands and to own property, etc. In modern countries, Islamic women can choose to drive and wear the veil. So, there is equality for women in the Koran. However, husbands, family members and the country that Muslim women live in, can cancel this equality. For example, in Saudi Arabia, women must wear veils and cannot drive.
    I This has nothing to do with the religion or the Koran. The Koran never mentions a veil. It simply states that Muslim
    women should be modestly dressed. Men have used the veil to keep women as property - not to be seen by other men.
    The Holy War (Jiddah) has been badly corrupted in its meaning by Islamic terrorists. Yet, most Muslim interpret Jiddah as an internal holy war against greed, selfishness, etc within themselves. Muslims fast during Ramadam and give the value of the non-eaten food to the poor. The most ironic case of the Jiddah or Holy War was when Iraq and Iran declared it on each other; each saying that God was on their side. Some countries want Muslims to totally conform in all ways to their laws and customs. Others allow freedom of dress and culture. Many will agree that it takes time for immigrants to adjust. By the second or third generations, the children have mostly conformed. In conclusion, we need to UNDERSTAND ISLAM and not generalize or paint every Muslim with the same brush. I'd recommend seeking out a Muslim family and learning and sharing. Be cautious that not every Muslim family practises or interprets Islam the same way.
    Lastly, we have more in common with a Muslim (as a human being) then we have differences. Think about it.

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