YeeGads! I’m getting old! 65 in a couple of months. What were your first signs you were aging. Me? I’m hobbling around with a broken foot and arthritis in my spine. How about you? Oh, I’ll be a grandmother in two weeks. Old

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    G'Day JH,,i have about 7 years on you JH..but i was forced to retire at about 63 65..mainly due to Spinal Surgery fo spine was growing on the inside..leaving not enough room for my spinal they cut about 2 or 3 inches out of my spine and replaced the gap with 2 metal rods and 6 does limit my bending a very little bit is very low down the doctor thinks i might need more surgery by the time i am 80..or not.gotta just wait and does that story sound anything like your problem???????  all the best JH...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Close but yours is a more dramatic story. Mine just hurts and keeps me from standing straight. I had ablation surgery yesterday. They went in with radio waves and burned off all the nerves. I still have arthritis, just can’t feel it. So you shrunk. Can’t reach the tallest shelf for your wife anymore? Or did the rods make you taller. I think between the two of us I got off easier. Take care man!

    I use to be able to Go to work, 8-10-12 hr days, come home hit the field for another 8 hrs or so. Head to the local tavern get a sandwich and couple beers, head home for a couple hrs sleep and do it everyday for a couple months till the crops were off. Not anymore..


    I have to go to bed early so I can wake early to free my chickens. There is no good sleep like the sleep you have after releasing the birds!

    Lol, Bailey does our chickens, she also gets the money from the eggs.
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    well thank you JD,,you brought back memories i thought i had forgotten,,i used to drive an hour and a bit to an 8-10-12 hour day,,drive home and do a few hours with the slasher or a bit of concreting..hit the hay and do it all over again the next day..i am into my 70s and retired,,happily maybe,,i sometimes miss my job..but right now i am sitting in a hotel room in Bergamo Italy..on a 2 month holiday with my i guess i cannot complain much..what i am trying to say is..i have a bit of an idea where you are coming from JD.all the best mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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