Somebody explain to me how does this happen..

    A possible traffic offender runs away unarmed and is restrained by 8 cops by putting a possible 60 bullits from 90 shots into the man..the only reason they layed down a blanket of bullits is because they are rubbish marksman..this was without a doubt an assination of another black man by laughable good guys..and there are those out there who want to make america great again..america already hold the record for the most amout of death from covid and the most amount of mass killings by gunshots..somebody tell me how peacefull people live with this sorta might have over 300 million people in your country..but you are sure trying to whittle em down..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    As they say, "You can't fix stupid." I'm referring to the cops. There's nothing peaceful people can do. I was just thinking the other day, that I hadn't heard of a mass shooting for several days. Then I went home and saw the news about the mall shooting in Indiana. 


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    Good to see you are still here Clonge..and a fair answer..good to see they did not let you down with the mass shootings sadly..maybe we can resurrect aka ourselves..:):):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    I’m here too and I can’t answer you. I’m afraid to go anywhere. But I go. Today is a good day to die. It started when I was a child and Charles Whitman climbed the tower and shot people killing 14. It’s never seemed to have stopped.
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    Pack up and move to Aussie JH..we have shootings to but just not as many..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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