What's the most beautiful place in your state? Or province (for Ducky) LOL!

    The most beautiful place in each U.S. state (

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    terryfossil 1

    Is it down to just me and you now Clonge??????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    My hometown Austin, Texas. Well, it’s growing at a gross rate but stop it now and it’s beautiful. 

    <img src="    "\>     sunshine coast in Queensland Australia..i have been to a few countries and i still think this is the best place..when Qantas used to land back in Aussie they used to always play the song (I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME) IT WOULD MAKE YOU FEEL ALL WARM AND FUZZY..Nice talking guys..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    That's right, mate. Me and you...."Survival of the fittest!" LOL! Plan on coming to NY?
    terryfossil 1

    G'day Clonge,mate i have a respectfull fear of going anywhere near America,i have been to South America when it had the shining light running around,,but it worries me when so many Americans believe more guns will save more lives..However i think most people on AKA would be happy to meet up with other members,,well what is left of us anyway..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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