The crisis in Ukraine got me to thinking. If you "had" to leave your country, which one would you go to? Where do you live now?

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    I know this is kinda weird for a sunbaked Aussie,,but my wife and i do like Switzerland even though it is a bit expensive..but it is a country i would feel safe in..keeping in mind only if i had to..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    My dad visited Switzerland years ago. I think it was 1945.

    I live in Canada and I think I might move to Sweden.


    Can you make the "flight"? I see a lot of ducks in New York. It's a lot shorter distance than to go across "The Pond", and we'd love to have you.
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    G'day Quacker..i would think that there is a similiararity between Canada and Sweden..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I know little about Sweden but for some reason, it appeals to me.

    Personally I don't think I would leave. I'd head out to Death Valley California.  Setup camp there. We've visited several times it's very survivable if you know how. Plus for some reason I love the desert.  Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California.  Not sure why, but I'd love to move to one of them. 

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    G'day JD,not sure i would like to share the deserts with rattlesnakes..i certainly would not like to share the deserts with our little pet..( the inland Taipan or the fierce snake) All the best JD...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Inland taipan venom is 300 times more toxic than rattlesnake venom. A single bit from this snake can kill 70 human beings or 130,000 rats. These snakes love to burrow and hide in unused rat holes. They do this to escape from the heat of the day, but also to escape from predators.

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