Goodbye AKAQA, it's been an interesting 10+ years, made a few friends .......BLAH...BLAH.................

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    hiiii :)

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    C'mon Roy boy,you do not have to leave,just pop in now and has always been like that for me,as soon as i join a club they all up and leave..:):):):),but if ya gotta go.then you gotta go,,i will always drop you a line now and then,just to touch base Mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Roy, it's been nice talking to ya. Wish I could've gotten together with all the folks on here to sit down and have a beer or coffee,tea and talk for a spell. 

    Oh give me that. I thought we were friends and then you disappeared. I still mourn the day

    terryfossil 1

    JH,,good to see you are still here..maybe Roy will pop back in someday..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Oh honey, just long enough to satisfy my nostalgic needs. I’m trying to get again involved but can’t answer much and though I’ve posted several questions, knowledge stuff they keep disappearing. Never show up. Hard to get caught up again when things have changed so.
    Maybe you can tell me, what’s the best way to catch a chicken killing raccoon?
    terryfossil 1

    a point .22 JH..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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