Russia ????????

    Does anybody believe Russia will go to war with Ukraine..and how much do you think the rest of the world will support either country..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Well Terry, it's not looking good right now. I hope he's bluffing.  The 82 and 101st airborne have been put on alert here. Along with numerous others.

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    i guess he was not bluffing JD..???i guess he now has to go all out or go home,,and this guy aint gonna take his bat and ball and go home,,i do not think he can save face now..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, I think the worst part is this is mimicking 1939 all over again. Hitler literally crushed Poland in a month. Nobody did anything. The biggest thing.... WW2 started the "Atomic" age.. This war could very well end it!. And everything else..
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    Hey JD..most of my 70 odd years i have been hearing about"running out of oil..different diseases that could wipe out the world..covid 19..climate change that will flood the if that would be the first time..and a heap of other things that i have long forgotten..remember the 2000 bug that would have planes dropping out of the sky and computor run devices that would freeze up..and now we have the nuclear fear..Mate i do not know what you believe or the people of AKA..but i do believe in God the creator,so who do people think they are that they can destroy what he built..people may make a mess of it but it is not theirs to destroy..this is not a sermon my friend just my belief..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    Terry I'm with ya. I'm not quite there yet but in my 60 years, there's a lot that's happened. I just read that now they think that the Mayan civilization could have been wiped out from climate change. No cars, no factories, no chemicals, at least not like we have today. Probably farting cows like in California. But we'll survive up until the good lord calls us. I hope this war will be Putins demise and gets him out of control, but only time will tell. I think the Russian people are waking up to what's happening and it not a rescue mission like the Kremlin said.
    terryfossil 1

    I like the way you talk JD..sounds like we are both on the same horse..all the best JD..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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