Novak Djokovic ???????????

    I think we only have 3 countries left on AKA,but does anybody have an opinion on him and his anti vac stand..Aussie booted him therefore taking away his chance of becoming the only player to achieve 21 grand slam tournaments..and all he had to do was get 2 jabs..what would you do..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    just a bit of a link on him for those who may not know of him..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    I think he's a stubborn athlete with a huge ego who believed (as so many of them do) that he can do whatever he wants to, without any consequences. I'm glad he got the boot out of Australia. He lied to get in there and it caught up with him. Maybe he's afraid of needles but won't admit it.

    What would I do? Like most sensible people, I'd get vaccinated.

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    Quacker..when do you sleep?????????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    At night for about 9 hours. Why do you ask?
    terryfossil 1

    Quacker your comment to my question was about an hour after i put it up..i had a look at time in Canada,it was about 10.00 PM..not sure where in Canada you live,we hit the hay around 10.00 PM..but you being a tad older than me..maybe you stay up a bit later..:):):):):)..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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