Merry Christmas to all of the akaQA community

    Merry Christmas all!! It seems grim for akaQA, but at least I can finally post and answer everything again. To update my life, at the first of the year I quit my job of 33+ years. Looking to semi retire I ended up working for a life long friend that need help in his welding fab shop. I'm not unfamiliar with this type of work, I worked at a welding fab shop back in the early 80's. Although my body doesn't like it much anymore. I've enjoyed being here and will continue to check from time to time untill the ....... I hope everyone is doing well here. And yes I do still farm. But just can't seem to put the 18-20 hr days in like I use to.. Merry Christmas..

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    And to you JD...age is a bugger JD..i am retired and my main action is exercise bike and weights and a home garden and i play snooker 3 days a week..however we are hoping to take a holiday this september 2022 covid willing..not much else to do when you are just sitting in a retirement village waiting and waiting and waiting..all the best mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<...


    Terry, I'm finding that out. I probably noticed it 2 years ago, just can't do the things I use to. It's been frustrating but I'm getting through it. We're also waiting on the covid to ease up. Around us it hasn't been bad but it's still out there.

    So you couldn't quite retire JDB? One of these years you'll pack it in and enjoy "doing nothing". As you get older and older, it's amazing how long it takes to get things done. Some days I'm busy all day and haven't accomplished a thing!   lol

    How is that little Bailey doing? I guess she's not so little anymore? All the best in 2022 JDB!


    Yes I'm still working on that retirement. The bad part is people (at least around us) and I think almost everywhere in the US don't want to work. Practically every store, shop, factory, fastfood, within a 100 mile radius of us has help wanted signs, and many of them have to alter there hours because of little to no help. And it's not getting any better. But someday. I just hate to leave a friend struggling. And for the most part enjoy what I do there.

    Bailey and Cathie are doing good. Yes she's 11 going on 20 she's quickly picking up her mother's attitude, not my sweet charming attitude. ;)

    Oh so, not sweet and charming like Dad? You're funny! :)

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