Last night on Earth

    If it was your last night on earth how would you spend it?

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    With my wife,3 kids and 6 grandkids

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    It would be great if after you all did what you have always wanted to try and then the next morning you were told ' False alarm' Ha Ha

    i would not wanna know that i had only hours left to die.

    I would spend it with Oliver he is my hero.

    then I would invite all the women on here round who's husbands say they don't want sex any more.!!!!

    I would spend it with my grand children

    In bed with 2 women


    rather predictable me old chum


    Yup i agree. But that is the honest truth.

    Favourite Food and bottle of champagne.

    I'd go and see my mum then I'd walk my dog, i'd finish with a few double vodka's and a big spliff.

    F****ng my lawyer!!

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