What would you like to see as standard equipment in all SUV's, cars, etc, that is not standard now?

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    (Terry: Please don't answer that all steering wheels should be on the right-hand side, mate. LOL)

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    Clonge you are starting to worry me..i am beginning to feel like i am an open book to you..where the steering wheel is placed WOULD have been my first comment..:):):):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Oh my word! What a question. I have a new car and it does everything. Answering machine. My acting telephone has an answering service but I can’t refer to it via any buttons on my vehicle…..


    (2021 Elantra)

    I reckon all cars should have left and right reversing lights..and all cars should have a user friendly GPS..and a petrol cap on both sides of the car,that would give you access to either side of the Bowser..that is all i can think of off the top of my head Clonge..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 


    4 more came to mind: 1) Some Toyotas can have the views seen in the side mirrors, right on the dashboard, so you don't have to take your eyes off of what's in front of you. 2) Some cars have an option or it's even standard in others, to allow you to use your remote control to back into and out of a space while outside the car. Great if you can't open the door due to some knucklehead parking too close, or if you want to fit into a narrow space, but can't open your door. 3) Dipsticks to check the oil! 4) Cameras that record in the inside on all 4 sides. I have a new Mercedes and neither of these is available for my car, which costs twice as much! "Go figure!"
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    Okay Clonge and Quacker,,let me give you a lesson on Australian Lingo..New Zealanders use the word bro.Not, i repeat NOT Aussies..and yes i know our Roos are multilingual..but no respectfull Roo would voluntarily live in Kiwi Land..or Land of the Long White Cloud.(example)..3 hops of a roo and you just travelled the length of Kiwi Land..:):):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I saw such an anecdote from Toyota (and not only from them) about the mirrors on the dashboard / GPS and it's inconvenient, that is, you still look not at the road or at the mirrors, which almost automatically happens, but at the panel. It works great when you rotate and the camera improves the view, but it still doesn't feel like replacing a mirror.

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