Mass shooting at school in Michigan. What punishment, should the shooter's parents face?

    Parents of suspect in school shooting arrested (

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    Shortly after this happened, an "appropriate" photo. DUHHHH?

    The photo posted by the congressman has been removed from my view. I did see it though and it is so insensitive! Hard to believe that people have no regard for the feelings of others.
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    They also showed the photo on Aussie news,and yes it is still there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<

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    I'm not a lawyer but I would guess it should be involuntary manslaughter? As the facts are coming out, they are surely as responsible as their son for this tragedy. 

    “Oh, no! Not MY kid!” That seems to be the parents then attitude. The clues were all there in their faces! Stupidity is not a crime but blinders ought to be. Their own carelessness caused death and mortal injury and grief. They all but handed the kid the gun and implied they didn’t care what he chose to do with it. They are accessories……

    A lot of questions to be asked before judgement is to be passed by the public.and then untill it goes to court the public should have no say..that is when it becomes a Kangaroo court..untill it goes to court and all the crap gets sorted out..You cannot go round hanging parents for the stupidity of their kids..if that was to be a law,,there would be a lot of parents getting buried..coming from me it might sound a bit odd...but let the law of that state sort it out,,then we will see what we will see..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    True enough.

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