has anyone suffered miller fisher syndrome

    would like to know the outcome and how long recovery was.

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    Miller Fisher Syndrome: Introduction

    Miller Fisher Syndrome: Miller Fisher syndrome is a rare, acute polyneuropathy characterized by ataxia (abnormal muscle coordination), ophthalmoplegia (paralysis of the eye ... more about Miller Fisher Syndrome.

    Miller Fisher Syndrome: Autoimmune nerve condition. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Miller Fisher Syndrome is available below.

    So if anyone would like to know more on this disease or syndrome check out the website listed above. Hope this helps?
    Not sure what it is exactly, but If your talking about drinking Miller beer while fishing, I've done it...Just kidding...
    I would not want you to think I had not got a sense of humour no need for apology.
    No Miller Fisher syndrome is very nasty illness causing person unable to breathe,speak,eat,see or walk plus paralysis in arms too.

    Honestly I've never heard of the disease and usually I do a search on the answer if I'm not sure, but it really looked like a trick question, sorry I was just joking....

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