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    Do  you have an anti inflammatory pill that is ok to take when on blood thinners.

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    G'day  Sunny, my wife takes a blood thinner for Atrial Fibrillation,, she also has Rheumatoid Arthritis.. and her heart surgeon told her to stay away from Anti Inflammatory medication.. I do not know if that tells you anything you did not already know.. all the best Sunny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Hi Terry, yes I have exactly the same AF & Arthritis in my knees &feet its agony sometimes. My doctor tells me the same, but one of our doctors said he didn't thinking would hurt sometimes when the paini is really bad. So I got him to give me some. You have to be careful when taking blood thinners, if you bleed you bleed
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    G'day Sunny. have you had an Ablation on your heart for AF, or is it controlled by medication.????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Hi! What do you mean "blood thinners"? like you have more (or less than needed) trombocities? 

    Wouldn't you caffraid to ask such things on forums? I would call my doctor. As that is scary. 




    Blood thinners are taken for problems to do with the heart. A condition called Artriel Fibrillation ie an uneven heart beat. Anti inflammatory tablets can cause internal bleeding, if you bleed when taking blood thinners your blood doesn't clot easily, so you could bleed out.

    thanks for sharing

    Isn't that used for heart patients?

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