Ok, What did I do now??

     I haven't been able to answer any questions on here for awhile. Usually my mouth gets me in trouble, but did my fingers get me in trouble here?? 

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    country bumpkin

    JDB if you were suspended then you wouldn't be able to ask a question either.

    I'm not aware of any members having trouble with answering questions.

    If the problem is not on your end, send a note to the admin and explain what is happening..
    Contact information at the bottom of the page.

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    Did you get your problem solved yet JDB? I hope we hear from you soon.  :(


    Ducky, I haven't gotten ahold of anyone yet. It's odd. when I look at the questions, there's no comment section for me to write a comment, also I can't reply to any comments or answers left in the questions.
    country bumpkin

    Alright, guys, I've got it figured out.
    JDB, the questions that you are unable to answer/comment or reply are questions that have been locked.
    Below is an example of a question that has been locked.


    Well JDB, you have just commented here, to me. I believe that Country Bumpkin has solved your problem. When a question has been locked, you will notice (right underneath the question) that it says "Unlock Question" which means that one of us has locked it. We do this most often when "strangers" keep coming in to a question and posting advertising or just being a constant pest. That's how we get rid of them. Not trying to get rid of you! LOL
    country bumpkin

    Thank you :)

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