What do you think about Derek Chauvin's murder conviction in the death of George Floyd?

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    George Floyd was not an angel as some (very few after watching the trial) are quick to point out, when trying to justify the behavior of a "bad cop". Did Floyd deserve to die as a result of this incident? No! Officer Chauvin will be punished for his actions, as I believe he rightly should be. I have no doubt that this officer is arrogant and was very proud to show his power. Had he not been video taped, he would continue to act in the same manner and get away with it....again. (Doubtful that this was a first.) He wanted everyone nearby to witness his "power". Now the whole world saw it and he will pay dearly, as he deserves.


    One down and three to go.


    Personal opinion..... Derrick Chauvin's actions were foolish and senseless.  He was not acting as an officer-of-the-law. He used his position in acting like a bully and a thug ( the same as George Floyd).


    ....opinion: he demonstrated a lack of common sense and compassion 

    Guilty in so many ways no matter what sort of ruler you want to use..but we will have to wait and see if the sentence keeps the baying crowds happy.. either way it is a bit of a change from shooting them..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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