What is your trick to have avoided COVID-19?

    I have a vitamin D deficiency so I take 5000ius a day. Heard vitamin D is Covid resistant. I think my taking it has been a plus for me.......

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    Yes I take Vitamin D as well Julie, not sure if it makes any difference though, may be it does. I take Turmeric, Cod liver oil and Garlic capsules, but I'm still full of pain.
    Back to covid 19 I think the best way to avoid that is, keeping your distance from everyone, wear a mask, and wash your hands everytime you touch something that someone else has touched. Treat everyone as. If they have the virus. We have have the first vaccine, having the second dose later this month. Good luck keep safe.
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    So far, so good. I do what the experts tell us to do. By experts, I mean those with expertise in the field of medicine and global viruses. Same ol' same ol' that we've been hearing for over a year now, which has been proven to keep the numbers down.

    Wear a mask, no social gatherings, out for necessities only, wash hands.

    Boring as it is, I will continue to follow the protocols since I believe I could easily be a-symptomatic. I never get a flu shot and I never get the flu. This time though, I'm even scheduled to get "THE SHOT".....because I am listening. 

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    Gotta be a bit careful this year..we always get the flu shot every year Quacker,but we have been told we can only get the flu shot 14 days before or 14 days after the covid 19 vaccination..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    ....mask, wash hands, social distance, most meals are at home, avoid crowds, walk nearly every day and also do vitamin D and pray

    Vitamin D is not on anybody's agenda in Aussie JH,we have our government to thank for our low Death figures of covid..we have only 909 deaths in Aussie,and 800 of those were in the state of Victoria,,who stupidly did not control it,,as we are an island of 25 million people.our federal government closed the borders of Aussie when we first heard of Covid..we have been very lucky to be an island and a forward thinking Government..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I wouldn't call it a trick. For years I've been taking a 50,000 mg prescription Vitamin D pill per week. Also, using common sense by wearing a mask ((DUHHHH?) and avoiding crowds.

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    Yep. not much of a trick Clonge , everything i have read about vitamin d and covid 19 is controversial .anyway as i am retired, i can sit on my back porch and sunbake for an hour or two, that will give me all the vitamin d i need.. and i pick up a free tan..all the best Clonge and stay safe..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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