To those of you who patronize restaurants negatively impacted by the covidvirus, have you ever tipped just a "little extra"?

    Here's a moving video from New York's Chinatown:Ordering Chinese Takeout Then Tipping $5,000 to Struggling Restaurants - YouTube 

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    ....only God knows what I give/donate

    ....the right hand should not know what the left hand gives


    C'mon, BEN. I'm ambidextrous. I won't tell!

    I always leave a very decent tip as long as the service is good. If the service was terrible, I do not leave a tip. Some don't agree with me but I can't see tipping wait staff who have no interest in doing a good job.

    I’m a tipper. Always if deserved. 20% at least for any service I received. I tipped the grocery bagger for arranging my goods using logic and care. I carry $2 bills especially used for tipping; always well received......

    We do not tip in Aussie Clonge,whenever we travel to a country that does tip,it always feels odd,there always seems to be places that tip more or less,and we never know what that should be,,we have something called "a basic wage",that seems to work well for us..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Is your "basic wage" an amount that a person can live on or do they struggle every month to pay their bills? Before they raised ours, it was nowhere near sufficient.
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    You will not live like a king on the basic wage Quacker,,but if you pull your head in you can get buy,and you can always get a second job,,i do admit housing is getting expensive..the trouble is the younger people want everything yesterday,,..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    "You can always get a second job". That's what I'm talking about. Insufficient. It's the same here. Sad.
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    G'day Quacker,,in 2021 the basic wage in Aussie is $770 a week..your lifestyle can make that enough or not enough,,39 years ago my wife and i had day jobs and night jobs,we always bought things 2nd hand,we would buy a house in our budget,renovate house and gardens,,sell and get another 39 years we went through 5 houses,including a 10 acre property..we are now in a retirement village with Pension and Superannuation..our lifestyle dictated how we would go..we stated with a rental house,and finished with our own house..Not to mention a few setbacks,,mostly point is anybody can do depends how badly they want it and what they are prepared to give for it..Sorry about being long winded Quacker,some answers cannot be said in 2 words..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Now, think "single with two kids". Buying everything second hand and working two jobs is taken for granted. Not a chance of home ownership "within the budget", ever!
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Quacker,when i married my wife she already had 2 kids in primary school,so we had our hard roads,i never said it was easy,and many people do not have the drive or the belief that they can do it,,many people will look at a mountain and give up before the first step..there are many sayings about climbing a mountain,,best one i know,:where there is a will there is a way:..some will some will not..thanks to God,, my wife and i were some will..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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