The inability to __________________has affected me the most doing the covidvirus.

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    The inability to breathe properly due to mask wearing, is a slight inconvenience but obviously keeping our numbers very low. What I really miss though, is socializing with friends, hugging people and partaking in activities that have been shut down for months.

    A lot of washing hands with antibacterial handwash,,stand back from people when talking to them,we tend to stay in the retirement village unless we go out for groceries..just gotta be careful..we only have 909 deaths in Aussie,,i do not want to make it 910..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

     choose if I want to wear a mask/or Not while in public.

    ....hug friends at church

    Being with friends and family! Also seeing some people thinking it is a hoax! Thant is the most disturbing! (Hoax)  It is real and never seen anything so terrible!

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    Of course it is a hoax of 18-2-2021 ..2,442,067 people have died from Covid 19 worldwide,,Wow that is some HOAX..they will never believe it until they die from Covid,,a very hard way to learn a lesson Clue..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    To be honest there hasn’t been much denied me. Still go out to eat, went to a bar even. But not shaking hands has got to me. I’m big on hand shaking. Elbows are not as full filling. Mandates have been lifted in Texas (stupidly) and it’s almost status quo. 

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    Cannot seem to give you a TU JH..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It’s fascinating to browse what people thought and the way it relates to 

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