12 months since the virus hit us ?????

    We have heard the tripe that Trump spruiked..the scams that Russia pushed..and the rubbish that China handed USA is talking about starting the vaccine shots,,UK has already started the shots,,and Aussie has 35 million doses to start the first round of shooting..i feel very confident about our vaccine,,how do you fell about your country..??????

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    As long as the  Covid-19/Corona Virus, vaccine remains an optional choice for each individual (no matter where they reside) this is acceptable.

    People have a choice to have or not to have a flu vaccine. People should have the same choice to have or not have the Corona Virus/Covid-19 vaccine.

    .... I am ready when it is my turn

    terryfossil 1

    Good move Benny,,you may save your own life as well as somebody else's..We are hoping to fly out of Aussie to Europe next year.but not until at least 80% of Europe is vaccinated..besides i do not think we will be aloud back into Aussie without isolation if we are not Vaccinated.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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