I gotta ask,is anybody learning anything about covid 19 in USA..

    USA is top at everything, 12.000000 total cases more than any other country..192.000 daily cases a record above any other country..258.000 total deaths.. double the 2nd placed country in the world..22.000 serious critical 2nd placed worst country 9.000 serious critical.and the flu season is coming,, a double whammy.other countries that have battled the virus have kept the flu down because of hand washing and masks and distancing..and again i gotta ask are people still listening to Trump instead of proven science of the virus..aren't these numbers enough to make the average American to start asking questions,being number one in the world with these numbers is not a number any country in the world wants.i mean no disrespect to anybody in USA,,i am just asking the question..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

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    ....fortunately, I received a negative test result for Covid 19 today

    ....will continue to wash my hands often, social distance, wear a mask and stay under my rock, avoiding crowds and praying 

    ....the numbers are awful in our country; many think they're ten feet tall and bulletproof 

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    Well done Benny,stay safe..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Benny i just heard Trumps son has the Covid he got it 7 days ago,,he is trying to copy his old man,he reckons he will just be layed up for a coupla days..he reckons he can only clean his guns so many times..he is a chip off the old block..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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