I think Trump is gone..

    Do we agree??????..Biden just made a speech,and he is not quite in yet..248 to 214..but he will win..but his speech was worth listening to..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    It's 10pm on Wed., Nov. 04/20 and my numbers say Biden 253 and Trump 213.
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    I now have Biden 264 Trump 214 Quacker,,i reckon that means Trump is gone regardless of his court suing..5-11-2020 4.39 PM >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The numbers on every American (and Canadian) channel say the same thing and fourteen hours later, they still say Biden 253 and Trump 213. Nothing has changed yet and the counting continues. Nov. 05/20 @ 12 noon.

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    ....opinion: if so, he is responsible the loss


    Um, is Trump ever responsible for anything, ever?

    Any ballots that have been cast and DATED by election day will be counted! Trump didn't want mail in votes so his supporters voted in person. Of course aLOT of mail in votes are for Biden And we shall see who wins no matter how long it takes Funny how ANYthing that is not in trumps favor is a HOAX or a fraud!


    He's been talking up "voter fraud" for months. It's so obvious that he is a loser and THAT he can't stand due to the fact that it will crush that huge ego of his. The man is sick!

    President Donald Trump won the election. The reason they stopped counting votes is because if they finished counting votes, President Trump would/should be declared the winner of the election. President Trump has won the remaining states of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Nevada and Arizona are too close to call. The TV networks (including Fox News) are in on the fix, that's why they stopped projecting states they knew President Trump has won. The democrats will now attempt to manufacture enough votes to claim Biden won. The news media and social networks will try to convince you this process is legitimate. It is not. Failing in this, they will try to tie up the process enough to claim that there was no clear victor so the House can pick the new president.

    This will not work, but in the meantime, the country will be put through the shit show of all time. It won't stop even after the Electoral College meets and votes for president Trump. It won't stop until the inauguration.

    Also, at 3am, President Trump was leading Wisconsin by 110K Votes with 93% reporting (2.8 mil votes). Now they’re “saying” Biden is up by 20K with 95% reporting (3.2 Million Votes). The only way that 400K votes equals 2% is if there were 20 Million votes. They’re STEALING Wisconsin.

    Math does not add up. So, basically what’s happening is President Trump has already won it by electoral votes, but the Deep State froze the election and they’re desperately trying to “stuff ballots”. Because many states have not called it. Which will force it into the courts. Basic Strategy for the Democratic Party all along. A ‘life raft’, if you will.

    They knew President Trump would come out fast and hard, so they had to stop the momentum to freeze the election results from coming out, taking their chances with the court system. The key states are PA, GA, NC, MI, WI who are still unannounced. The Democratic Party is trying to steal the election with fake mail in ballots because it’s clear that President Trump was indeed winning by a LANDSLIDE.

    Technically, any votes after the 3rd that they magically find, should be null and void and thrown out. All of this theft is behind the scenes.

    And as of right now, Biden doesn’t have enough electoral votes regardless of the remaking states. And the Democrats have vowed not to concede no matter what.

    Plus the math just doesn’t add up. President Trump will have 293, it only takes 270 to win. As of now, the Democrats and the media froze the election results to harvest more ballots for at least 5 more states. This is political theater

    6 states leaning towards President Trump:

    Total count - 80

    213+ 80 = 293

    3 states lean towards Biden:

    Total count - 21

    225 + 21 = 246


    I found this posted by an old friend on the internet, but I don't know the original source.



    LOL!!! The source sounds like Donald's "deep state".

    Trump has NOT won the election! He didnot win Wi and Mi! He wants a recount in Wi I think you are seeing the 2016 results. The electoral votes are 253 Biden 215 Trump as of 11-6-20 5:49 pm EST

    Clu, I see 253 - 213 still. (8:30pm)
    terryfossil 1

    Odd numbers from your friend CB,I have Biden 290 and Trump at 214.and trump may still lose North Carolina and Alaska???as at 8-11-2020 4.00 pm..Total votes Biden 75.000000 and trump 70.000000 >>>>>>>><<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    More important Roy boy..which part is bs..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @Terry, the big bit at the top!
    terryfossil 1

    I kinda figured that was the bs part..:):):):):)..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    OK People...

    First of all, I did not say that I believed any of it.
    I found it to be interesting especially after all of a sudden the voting poll updates just all of a sudden came to an abrupt stop.

    Clu, The person who I copied this from is a Republican and she used to be a dispatcher for the Sheriff Department. She's not some country bumpkin living in the back of the hills in a one-room cabin with a dirt floor.
    The posting is clearly about the Trump/Biden election of 2020. You must remember that I did not see it when it was first posted on facebook, so it was several hours old.

    As for Romos and Terry, You guys are entitled to your own opinions, but no reason for either of you to be such jerks about it.

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