Kim Kardashian surprised by deceased father's hologram for her 40th birthday. Isn't this awesome?

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    You married the most, most, most, most, most, genius man in the whole world...

                                           Gag A Maggot Off A Gut Wagon

    This is a lot of mosts for a genius.


    Have you watched Kim and Kanye on David Letterman My Next Guest?  Give it a view.  

    ....opinion: no appeared kanye was tooting his own horn was great

    Sorry, I can't look at anything that has either the name "Kardashian" or "Kanye" in it. It would be lost minutes of my life that I could never get back.   lol

    Uh,,, I have no idea what that means, and I don't think I'm gonna look. 

    terryfossil 1

    Dont reckon you missed much JD..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Whats a Kardashian Clonge?????certainly looks like a bit of an odd bloke..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    terryfossil 1

    like i said Roy boy.he is a bit of an odd looking bloke..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry Clonge i have no time for those people..the men turn into women and the women turn into men,,you would never know who your talking to..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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