Health Concern: Looking for a possible answer (Not a diagnosis).

    Approx three weeks ago, I noticed a raised area/knot on my right leg. 

    The bump is approx the size of a golf ball that has been cut in half.

    It is on my outer right thigh approx two-inches above my knee.


    It is very rigid (underneath my skin) and it moves when I bend my leg.  

    The best way that I can describe it is that it feels like a coiled spring.


    * My first concern was that it may be a blood clot. I went to A&E/ER .  The doctor on call ordered E-Ray's and an Ultra Sound.  Nothing showed up on either test.

    The doctor at the hospital did remain confident that it was not a vascular/blood clot.

    She did suggest that I go to my regular GP so he could do an MRI if he felt it necessary.


    The next day I saw my regular GP.  He looked over the information from my hospital visit and he took a lot of time feeling my thigh (LOL).

    My doc said that he would order an MRI if I wanted one, but he didn't feel an MRI was necessary because he also believes it neither to be a blood clot.

    I trust my doctor, so I told him I didn't want the MRI.

    He did tell me to come back to see him if it turns red, begins to burn, hurt, or continues to grow.


    I have not experienced any of the symptoms my doc told me to watch for, but I'm not sure if it is growing bigger yet.


    **** I'm not asking the members to give me a diagnosis because even the doctors can't figure out what this  spirally thing is setting below the knot on my thigh.

    **** What I am wanting to know is if any member here has ever had anything like this before and was your doctor able to figure out what it was from?  Did you have some sort of procedure done to remove it or did it go away on it's own?


    I'm looking for some feedback....Any ideas?


              Not me, but you get the idea.

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    ....did you have a biopsy 

    ....this will give the doctor and you more information 

    That is very strange CB but I've never had such a thing nor do I know anyone else who has. Keep an eye on it for sure.   :(

    That sounds strange and I have no idea but I do wish you well and hope this goes away. I did have lump behind my knee that was (is) a Bakers tumor.


    I have one of those too clu, only mine is Canadian. :)



    thank you

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