What is your favorite phone app(lication)?

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    Mark Dugan

    Viber, GardenScapes and Trello

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    I do not know about favourite,but the most important is my COVID 19 app,,and then there is my FUEL APP,,My.BMORE hearing aids APP..the list goes on..i am pretty sure you are not interested in the rest..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I grew up using a phone to call a person or for a person to call me.  No APP is necessary.


    It's not about that. They connect to websites directly, and there must be millions of them. I can find out when the next bus or train is coming, how far away an Uber is, the weather, television and radio stations, directions,personal banking, play games, finding your "lost" vehicle, banking,games and so much more. There are those that are free and those that have a fee.
    country bumpkin

    "It's exactly about that".
    The question that you asked above::: What is your favourite phone app(lication)?

    My answer to you ...When I was growing up (back when we had landline phones, the phone was used to make and receive calls.

    I do have a smartphone that I use to make and receive calls and occasionally a text.

    I do not have my phone connected to the internet.
    ( Therefore, I answered the question correctly that you asked).

    Perhaps, if you were looking for answers more specific to the question that you asked;;;;You could have worded the question a bit clearer.

    Example: Do you use any phone APPS and if so, which APP is your favourite?
    (You get the gist of it I'm sure)

    .... I have a flip phone recent calls an app

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