If you had to give up one for a month, which would it be? Your cell phone or your dog?

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    Well, poor little me. I don't have a cell phone and I don't have a dog

    I have a nice set of golf clubs though.   LOL!


    ....also, you have friends on this site

    How many birdies have you shot with those clubs?

    @Ben...glad to know I have some friends here. I'm feeling "friend-less" during this pandemic and our social distancing. :(
    @Clonge….None! I don't believe in killing birds! Hah!

    Well I have a junky cell phone and used to have a dog! I would give up the phone to have our dog again!

    Phone, that's fer sure. Can't give up ol Thunder. 

    .... I will go with my barn cats

    Most certainly the Phone..Ben looked a bit like this one when he was a young fella..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..International Travel with a Shih Tzu | PetRelocation

    Don’t have a dog. Cat though. He never bothers me. Wouldn’t miss him. But my phone? I’d be lost. Front messaging to checking in to this joint. Not parting with it. But I’m about to be raising chickens for fun and profit. Buying a silky I’m naming Sukey 

    I don't have a dog, but if I did the dog would be far more important than my phone. 

    I have a cat, and he comes before anything, I wouldn't want  to be without my pussy.


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